Join Dom and Alex as they enjoy ‘one for the road’ before the first leg of the Tour de Rescue begins!

On Monday Dom will be starting at Brysons Animal Rescue in Gateshead, then cycling 50 miles up the road to SHAK Santuary and Alexa’s Animals in Alnwick.

We will be videoing the visits to the rescues and doing some Facebook lives so make sure you like and follow the FB page here, and if you live in the North East then make sure you come along to the first seminar which is happening at Raven River agility on September 9th.  Grab your ticket here.

In this special episode of the podcast Dom and Alex discuss the final preparations for the ‘TDR’ and what they hope the event will achieve.

Remember, you can get a free copy of Dom’s bestselling book How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero by scrolling to the bottom of this page and signing up for the Tour de Rescue emails.

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