Rachel Spencer is a freelance journalist who specialises in helping pet businesses and pet charities get more media coverage. In this exclusive interview I talk to Rachel about some the media success stories she has been involved with, and you will learn how you can get more media so you can raise awareness and money… Read More >>

I have always had a rescue dog. It is very important to me that in the future I will only ever have rescued dogs. In fact, you could say I am a sucker for a rescue dog, and I hope I never stop. But finding the perfect rescue dog is a bit of a journey…. Read More >>

It’s estimated there are around 220 million pet dogs living on planet Earth. There are double that amount living as strays, but for now let’s stick to pet dogs, who share their lives with ordinary owners like me and you. That’s almost a quarter of a billion dogs, ranging from cute fluffy Chihuahuas to giant… Read More >>

Growing up, I remember our dog Chloe. A German Shephard that we had from a puppy. She had hip dysplasia when she got older and ended up in a sort of wheelchair for dogs (I’m sure you’ve seen the type I mean). She was there from as young as I can remember, and lived until… Read More >>

Puppies squeeeeel!!!! So goes the high pitched sound of every man, woman and child as soon as they see a brand new puppy. Me included. If you look up cuteness in the dictionary you’ll see it reads, ‘the quality of being attractive in a pretty or endearing way’, but a better description would be ‘a… Read More >>

Despite what people tell you, when you lose a dog there’s never a best time to get a new one. There’s simply the right time for you. When we lost Barry it took a year for us to mourn the loss and welcome another Bordeaux into our home. But, when we lost our first dog… Read More >>