Join Dom and Alex as they enjoy ‘one for the road’ before the first leg of the Tour de Rescue begins! On Monday Dom will be starting at Brysons Animal Rescue in Gateshead, then cycling 50 miles up the road to SHAK Santuary and Alexa’s Animals in Alnwick. We will be videoing the visits to… Read More >>

 When Dom first announced of his plans to do this amazing event to raise funds for local small dog rescues, I had mixed feelings! I was excited and pleased that he was going to do something for such a worthwhile cause, of course…but and here it is the big BUT I had not long since… Read More >>

If like me you own a dog (or dogs), or perhaps you’re thinking about rescuing a dog then I wanted to share a little more about why it’s not always the right thing to do. The whole concept of the Tour De Rescue is to shine a light on the amazing work the smaller rescue… Read More >>

 High Paw to you if you are planning to adopt or have just adopted a dog into your family! Its an exciting time with equal parts of nerves and stress thrown in for good measure. It is a confusing time for you and your new furry family member so it is best to set off… Read More >>

We set off from Tuscany at 6 o’clock in the morning, reaching Milan around ten. The whole journey I kept checking the photo on my phone as the landscape became flatter and the hills receded into the distance. ‘I wonder what he’ll do when he sees us!’ ‘I can’t wait to meet him!’ The beautiful… Read More >>

In August myself and the Pets2impress Canine Carers put our communication skills to the test by participating in an Escape Room Challenge. We were placed in a room and there were 4 padlocks on the door which we believed to be the exit. We allocated each other tasks to try and solve the clues as… Read More >>