Despite going a good pace on the bike, we were late arriving at Alexa’s because we spent half an hour stuck in a pub car park in Widdrington, as the official Tour of Britain Cycling race passed through. What are the odds?! Alexa’s Animals was formed in 1991 by Alexa Nisbet, and since then they’ve… Read More >>

I was only knee-high to a grasshopper when one early spring morning, my mum and dad bundled my brother and me into our car. We set off to visit my mum’s cousin for the day. Little did we know that our little lives were about to change forever. The visit itself is a slight blur… Read More >>

It was fitting that the Tour de Rescue should begin at Brysons Animal Shelter. Based in Gateshead, Brysons is, geographically at  least, the nearest rescue to my own home in Sunderland, but there was another, more meaningful reason. See, way back in 2011 I was inspired to become a dog trainer because I met a… Read More >>

Deciding to adopt a puppy or young dog from rescue can be such an exciting time. Dog ownership can be a wonderful asset to family life and the right pet can be a valuable companion. Owning a dog has proven health benefits for the whole family such as reduced stress and better physical health. However,… Read More >>

When you’re running a rescue it’s vital people in your community know about the work you do. More dogs find homes, animals lovers volunteer to walk the dogs and donations can help cover your running costs. Working with your local media helps you amplify your message so how do you go about it? I’m a… Read More >>

So, you want to rescue a dog? Have you thought about what kind of dog you want? What breed is right for you and your family? Do you want a puppy, or maybe an older dog if you have kids? Having worked at Manchester Dogs Home (where they take in over 7000 stray dogs a… Read More >>