Our Mission

The Tour de Rescue is my way of giving something back to the dogs and the canine community who have given me so much. I’ve been lucky enough to own three amazing rescue dogs, and working with rescue dogs inspired me to start my first dog adventure business back in 2011. Since then, I’ve tried to use education to help keep dogs and owners together, that’s very much the focus of the tour. I want to shine a light on the amazing work done by local rescue centres, and on the amazing dogs that are in rescue centres right now that would make amazing family pets.

I think almost everyone who gets a rescue dog, or a puppy does so intending to stay with that dog forever. Sadly many dogs are given up, not because they are bad dogs but because the new owners have not given the dogs enough structure, exercise and stimulation which often leads to bored, destructive and difficult to manage dogs.

New owners who have never owned a dog before need more practical and actionable advice that allows them to give their dog what he needs in a safe and stimulating way. We’ll be raising awareness and highlighting how ‘adoptable’ rescue dogs can be, as well as creating a resource which rescues can use to help keep more dogs and owners together.

The mission – To empty the rescuce centres Rescue dogs are a blight on our society. We can’t go on building ever more rescues to house   Dogs bring purpose, love and companionship to our lives, yet far too often they are given up on

Our Sponsors

It takes a community to raise and rehabilitate a dog, and we have an amazing team working behind the scenes to make sure the Tour de Rescue happens.  

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The Tour de Rescue Route

For four days from September 9th Dom will be cycling from rescue to rescue to tell the story of some of the amazing dogs that are available, and to highlight the fantastic work done by local rescue centres. These are often one or two person operations, who have little resources to work with, but give so much of their lives to pick up the pieces when dogs and puppies are dumped by their despairing owners.  They rely on fundraising and the good will of the general public to do their much needed work.

The first leg of ‘the tour’ takes place in Northumberland, then it moves to Teeside on the 10th, Derbyshire on the 11th and finally North Wales on the 12th. On the evening there will be a seminar at each location and a number of dog trainers, dog wardens, and rescue centres are giving up their time to share their expert advice which will encourage potential dog owners to consider getting a rescue, and help inexperienced owners of rescue dogs, so they can give their new pets exactly what they need.

How Can You Help?

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the Tour de Rescue event, and support your local rescue.

Click the button below to find out how you can make a difference to these dog’s lives.

How Can You Help?
How Can You Help?

September 9th | Northumberland

We are starting at Brysons rescue in Gateshead then Dom is heading 47 miles North, where four hours later in Alnwick he will be visiting Alexa’s animals and Shak Rescue. On the evening of the 9th the first Tour de Rescue charity seminar will be held at Raven River Agility in Morpeth, Briarwood, Morpeth NE61 5QR. Speakers include Dom Hodgson, Sue McCabe of Muttamorphosis, Steve Wylie from Shak Rescue and Rebecca Ashworth-Earle. * limited spaces available.

September 10th | Teeside

The second leg of the Tour de Rescue starts on the east coast at Hope Rescue in Loftus. Then I’ll be heading east and visiting Maxie’s mates, Save our Strays, Heart Welfare (Husky), and the Edward Foundation (bulldog). On the evening Katie Guastapaglia of Dogwood adventure play is hosting the second seminar at the Talbot. Speaker include dog trainer of the year Adam Delderfield, David Davies, Helen Kay, Tim Jackson and Dom Hodgson.

September 11th | Derbyshire

Leg three sees us hit the Peak District and we will be shining the light on four amazing local rescues starting at Crowfoot Animal rescue. Dom will then be travelling to Ashbourne Animal Welfare, to Just for dogs and finally Leek Moorlands Dog Rescue. Claire and Caren of High Peak Dogs and Dog House respectively, will be hosting the evening seminar. Speakers include Dog trainer and author Claire Lawrence, Michelle Walker and… Tickets available here.

September 12th | North Wales

The final leg of the Tour de Rescue sees Dom travel from Ark Angels Rescue in Chester to Almost Home Dog Rescue and Hectors Greyhound Rescue. The evening seminar is being hosted by expert dog trainer Karen Boyce of Beastly Thoughts Dog Training. Karen is also speaking alongside dog trainer and author Sarah Bartlett. Dom Hodgson will be joined by Vicky Fraser and they will be sharing how rescue centres can create more demand for rescue dogs.